Available Jobs

Job Descriptions: Japan

Field Service Representative

Location: Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan

Marathon Targets designs, manufactures, and operates autonomous robotic target systems to provide the most realistic live fire training in the world. The targets address a fundamental training gap: the first time shooters fire live ammunition at a realistic moving target is in a firefight.

The role involves operating and maintaining the robotic targets in support of training. There are positions available at Camp Butler (Okinawa, Japan).

Primary tasks include:

  • Setup in preparation for training:
    • Discussing training with instructors, translating trainers’ intent into software scenarios which the robots can execute.
    • Moving targets to the training location.
    • Range setup: setting up communications equipment, surveying the range, clearing robot running areas of large debris.
  • Operation of the robots during training:
    • Running the targets and monitoring their state through the robot-control software.
    • Adapting the targets’ behaviour on-the-spot according to progress of trainees and real-time directions from instructors.
  • Post-training activities:
    • Target maintenance and charging.
    • Reporting on training activities and target usage.
    • Liaising with Marathon head office to facilitate improvements based on actual usage.
  • Other:
    • Educating military personnel on the targets’ capabilities and limitations.

Prior Experience

This role does not require any specific technical expertise, however a technical mindset and the ability to troubleshoot is essential.

We will provide training in the particulars of operation/maintenance of the system.

Desired Skills

The following skills/attributes are desirable:

  • Prior service within the US DoD. Experience in the Marine Corps is preferable.
  • Confidence operating computers.
  • A high mechanical aptitude and some basic experience with electrical debugging.
  • Ability to work in the field and a willingness to get hands dirty. Must be physically able to move around on large training ranges for long durations.
  • Excellent inter-personal skills.
  • High motivation — a go getter!
  • Ability to work effectively without supervision.
  • Ability to deal with uncertainty and changing plans.
  • A willingness to occasionally work long hours and at night.
  • Holder of a valid driver’s license.
  • Ability to travel interstate.


The chosen candidate will undergo hands-on training alongside a Marathon Field Service Representative. Once the candidate is deemed competent, they will begin to run operations independently.


The positions will be full time.

We are a growing company which is changing the way people train. We are looking for someone with enthusiasm and initiative to be part of the team.

Please submit your CV with a description of how your skills fit the position description above. Applications should be sent to

Job Descriptions: Australia

Manufacturing Technician — Robotic Targets

Location: Marrickville, Sydney

Marathon Targets designs and builds mobile autonomous robotic target systems for use by military forces around the globe.
Our robotic targets are a revolution in the realism of targetry for combat shooting training.

The robots are designed and manufactured in Sydney.
We are looking for a manufacturing technician whose primary role will be building/assembling/testing robots.
Secondary roles include:

  • Quality control and inspection of incoming parts
  • Troubleshooting and repair of defective robots
  • Logistics management (packing of shipments, labelling, etc)
  • Interfacing with design engineers to improve designs and assembly procedures


  • Confidence with mechanical systems, e.g. excellent skills with hand tools (sockets, screwdrivers, etc)
  • Confidence with electrical/electronic systems, e.g. ability to solder
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to read and comprehend work instructions and manufacturing drawings
  • Hard working attitude and attention to detail
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Motivated, enthusiastic, and taking pride in work
  • An interest in robots is an advantage

We are a small and energetic team, looking for someone who is enthusiastic to join us.
The role is a full-time permanent position.

Please submit your CV with a description of how your skills fit the position description above. Applications should be sent to