Urban Operations

Marathon targets bring unprecedented realism to urban operations training. Robots acting in the role of an enemy enable dynamic urban scenarios which train, test and evaluate urban assault tactics, VIP protective detail and counter assault team drills. The autonomous response of the robots provides a realistic and challenging enemy for assault forces approaching an urban target, and for snipers supporting from urban hides or during aerial target engagement in helicopter overwatch. During Close Quarters Battle (CQB), our robots provide a fast and dynamic moving target that provides combat stress inoculation and reinforces marksmanship, movement and team communication.

Robots dressed as civilians can represent friendly force elements to train threat discrimination and the rules of engagement. In addition, robots can be used during public order management and escalation of force training and can emulate the role of a perpetrator during 'active shooter' live fire training for law enforcement personnel. Our system allows users to easily and quickly design urban scenarios for repeated execution.

Field Firing

Our targets provide a Robotic Opposing Force (ROPFOR) to conduct live fire training over uneven and lightly wooded terrain in rural field environments. Our robots appear as realistic human shaped targets, especially when observed at range by field snipers. Common training scenarios involve robots simulating enemy convoy movements, formations, and rendezvous, giving snipers the opportunity to practice threat identification and target acquisition.

When engaged, robots have the ability to rapidly change speed and direction to provide a realistic marksmanship challenge. This challenge strengthens the communication between sniper and observer and builds a realistic appreciation of field operations. Our system allows users to very easily command robots to move in a formation to key areas and select appropriate responses when engaged.

Shooting Ranges

Our system excels when used for marksmanship training. Our robots are able to operate on existing shooting range facilities without any modification to range infrastructure. They can replicate the movement of lateral and oblique rail-mounted targets as well as execute unpredictable movement patterns on open ranges or combat courses.

Innovative tactical and reality based range scenarios can be created to develop shooter threat discrimination, tactical movement and combat marksmanship skills. Robots can act as fleeing targets running as fast as a sprinting man with unpredictable movement patterns and speeds, presenting the shooter with a changing aspect ratio and requiring the application of learned engagement techniques and realistic target lead. Our robots are able to navigate precisely around obstacles and over uneven terrain on known- or unknown-distance ranges for realistic marksmanship practices.