Marathon “one of the big things for the next 12 months” says MAJGEN McLachlan

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The Australian Defence Magazine (ADM) interviewed the Head of Army Modernisation and Strategic Planning, MAJGEN McLachlan.

One of the questions by ADM was: “As the Head of Modernisation, what are the big things happening in the next 12 months?”

McLachlan: “I’m excited by the changes we’re making to the way we train our combat shooters using semi-autonomous robot targets from Marathon Target Systems of Australia, a great Australian company. This is the absolute best target technology in the world and we’ve been using them in special forces for a few years. We’ve now got robotic targets going into each of our three combat brigades and the robots will change the nature of live fire training as we get soldiers to understand an enemy is adaptive and, when engaged, might take cover and then assault your position. These robots are so sophisticated that you can specify this response in their programming and let them autonomously react, forcing the soldier to think through the reactions of human beings before they open fire.”

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