Marathon Robots in the USMC Super Squad Competition

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Marines from the 1st Marine Division engaged Marathon Targets’ T40 robots during 2 courses of fire for the Infantry Super Squad Competition.

The first engagement called for excellent marksmanship with a limited number of rounds to reduce 5 robots moving in and out of cover, all from an elevated position. There was a wide range of scores for the event with some Marines doing quite well and some struggling to hit the realistic moving targets.


The second engagement was a squad attack, with a bunker as the target and the robots as the counter attack. After the initial counter attack was neutralised and the squad advanced on the bunker through low ground, robots would manoeuvre into new positions for a secondary attack. The moving targets and the unpredictability forced the squad leaders to make decisions that are not necessary on a standard pop-up or rail range, adding an unprecedented extra dimension of realism to the training.