Stoppage Drills with Jason Falla of RedBackOne

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Bolt Override or “Brass over Bolt” Malfunction

The Bolt Override or “Brass over Bolt” malfunction is one of the worst possible malfunctions which the AR15/M16 weapons platform can experience. In this type of malfunction, an expended cartridge is trapped in the charging handle groove above the bolt head and will not eject when cycling the bolt.  To compound the problem, the weapon can not be stripped down as the bolt carrier protrudes into the buffer tube prohibiting disassembly.
This malfunction can only be fixed through direct manipulation of the bolt carrier or ‘jarring’ the bolt rearwards so the cartridge can fall free.  In this video, Jason Falla of Redback One demonstrates the difficulty of completing the bolt override drill while simultaneously being placed under additional combat stress by two advancing Marathon T40 robots.

Obstruction or ‘Double Feed’ Malfunction
Jason Falla of Redback One demonstrates the rectification or ‘stoppage’ drill for a common AR15/M16 malfunction where one cartridge fails to extract correctly or where two cartridges are mis-fed into the chamber.  In this drill, a Marathon T40 robot is programmed to charge forward at running speed to place additional stress on the shooter.  The shooter is only able to engage once the robots start their attack and their carbine is already in the ‘obstructed’ condition.
The T40 robots will only stop & drop on lethal hits to the torso or head. Once the first robot is hit, the second T40 robots advance is triggered and the shooter has a limited amount of time to rectify the Obstruction (or double feed) on the carbine before the second robots reaches its stop point. If the second robot is not engaged with lethal shots prior to it reaching it stop point, the shooter is deemed to be too slow and/or too inaccurate. The robots are also programmed with audio files of weapons firing, shouts and scream to induce further stress on the shooter.