MTSN Article on Range Targets

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Military Training & Simulation News (MTSN) reports on the latest developments in live-training on ranges in their July/August issue. Marathon is mentioned as responding to the need for smarter, more realistic targets by using autonomy which does not require any fixed installations or pre-defined routes. Link to the article (pdf).  

Redback One Carbine Operator Course

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Students engage T40 robotic targets

Redback One employed several Marathon Targets T40s during their Carbine Operator Course. Students were exposed to our robotic targets throughout the course reinforcing important shooting skills such as Positive Target Identification, as well as shooting and operating a weapon under stress. The course culminated in a dynamic combat situation simulating a vehicle ambush; students had to dismount from […]

Australian Skill At Arms Meeting CQE

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A shooter engaging Marathon Targets’ T40 robots and popups in the Close-Quarter Engagement match at the Australian Skill At Arms Meeting (AASAM). In this scenario the shooter first had to move and engage a series of static targets and popups at close range before firing on a group of fast moving T40 robots which bounded […]