Precision Combat Marksmanship

Develop the highest level of moving marksmanship. Encourage soldiers to anticipate natural movement and interpret situations.

Enhanced Combat Skills

Use tactical live fire scenarios to sharpen the soldiers’ combat skills: from weapon handling, to the application of ROE, to team communication.

Dynamic Warfighting

Fight against a Robotic OPFOR which follows its own plan, responds to engagement and simulates a counter-attack.

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Urban Operations

Optimised for use in urban environments – robots can navigate inside and outside of buildings to provide an unparalleled urban training experience.

Field Firing

Designed for off-road operation – robots move at speed on uneven, unsealed, and significantly inclined terrain, around the clock and in all weather.

Shooting Ranges

Robots can be used effectively and repeatedly in marksmanship training and evaluation – simulating lateral, oblique, or custom and unpredictable movements.

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Night Combat Clearance

RedBack One tactical operators conduct a combat clearance in an urban environment while employing night vision goggles and laser aiming devices to engage patrolling Marathon Targets T40 robots. The T40 robots patrol internally within the urban environment demanding the operators identify enemy threats from civilians and apply precision fire while clearing successive buildings.


Shot Show: ATACS range day shoot

Marathon Targets deployed 4 x T40 Autonomous Robotic Targets at the ATACS Range Day on January 18 as a precursor to Shot Show in Las Vegas. Over 12,000 rounds were sent down range at the robots which were bounding between cover from 70-200m. Even with a low measured accuracy of <18%, there were still thousands […]

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Threat Assessment with RedBack One

Redback One Chief Instructor Jason Falla conducts a threat assessment and engagement drill employing multiple Marathon Targets T40 robot on an open 50m square shooting range.

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